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To Banner Makers

Here is a list of the past banners. Tell me if this is ok?

Squishyorb- Week 5, Week 8
xoxanimegrlxox -Week 6, Week 9
Viola_player-Week 7, Week 10

(Let me know if you are still intrested in making banners, if not its fine ^^ )

As I said before, please make all you banners in paint. I would like them done in a style close to how I do mine (With the picture and text with the names). It's ok, if you get a bit behind with the banners, but please make them as quick as possible. But don't stress yourself out over it. I know you are all busy (as I am ^^;;; ).

And then the rotation will go from there. If you have questions or any concerns about how to make banners or whatever, feel free to email me ^^.
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