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Mod post

Hey everyone! I have a couple of issues about the community I'd like to bring up.

1- Starting this week (althoughI won't be too strict on it right now), I would like that those of you that enter an icon, also vote in the contest. I really don't want this to be a burden on anyone, but I'm having problems closing the contests because of lack of votes. I understand that sometimes you forget or you might be busy, but if you think that you might not be able to vote for one reason or another please just let me know when you submit your icon. Again, this isn't something I want to be very strict on, but if you enter alot and never vote, I will start disqualifing.

2- I really wish I could make all the banners for this community, but I'm very low on time this semester. If anyone could be a banner maker, I would be very thankful. ^^; I was kinda effy on it at first but I have very little time and the banners take a bit of time to make. So if you want to make banners please reply to this post, or email me (shining_mormon @ ). I won't stop making banners but if I could at least split the job things would go faster. (After we get the past few weeks done, we start a rotation of some sort.)

3- And lastly, pretty pretty please could you advertise this community in anyway shape or form? I'm not sure where to plug or anything, and I don't know alot of people, so pleas spread the word of this community. It's alot of fun, but it would be alot more fun with more people. I would love to give mod picks or even other kinds of awards if we had more entries, but we have'nt had any more than 7 icons at once. So any help would make me very greatful.

So any questions or concerns, or whatever please let me know. I'd like to hear from you guys if you are confused about anything. I love this community and I really want to continue with the love ^__~.
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